Advance your
outstanding invoices

Advance your
outstanding invoices

Factoring and Electronic Invoicing with the same company.

AXCES, backed by Cadena S.A., empowers those who dream and work for a better future.

If you process your invoices with Cadena, you are now with AXCES.

AXCES, co-founded by Cadena, is focused on the electronic invoicing ecosystem and digital factoring services. If you electronically invoice with Cadena, you are now a client of AXCES.

Factoring, its advantages, and how to strategically use it for your business.

If you are a client

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Your company’s financial
ecosystem bundled into one plan
on the same platform.

RADIAN, Securitized Title, Supporting Document, Electronic Invoicing are all included in your plan to optimize efficiency and facilitate compliance with DIAN´s regulations.

Here we tell you how to choose the best e-Invoicing plan for your business.

In AXCES you will find all the services around Electronic Invoicing. You should choose the ideal plan for your company according to all the documents you issue and receive on a monthly basis.

We have plans for companies of all sizes!

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