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Webinar 1: Discounting of costs and expenses generating events title value

The issuance of events of value title in the Electronic Invoices is a regulation of the DIAN, which all companies must comply with, if they do not comply with the obligation they will not be able to deduct costs and expenses from their balance sheets and could incur penalties from the SIC.

Webinar 2: Live Factoring

Learn how you can access immediate liquidity from your Electronic Invoices. You will no longer have to wait 30, 60 or 90 days to receive payment of an invoice because with AXCES you will be able to anticipate the payment of the invoice. We explain how.

Webinar 3: RADIAN - The new DIAN Resolution

We will explain live what the DIAN dictates in resolution 085 of April 8, 2022. The RADIAN is the platform managed by the DIAN where the “resume” of the Electronic Invoices is registered as a security based on the events associated with it.

Webinar 4: Master Class - E-Invoicing Ecosystem

Learn with our experts the latest in DIAN regulations regarding the entire e-Invoicing ecosystem.

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